Russian Foreign Ministry demands US embassy not to interfere in Russia’s affairs

The U.S. Embassy was handed a note demanding that it stop interfering in Russia’s internal affairs. It was reported by RIA Novosti with a reference to a source close to the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russian Foreign Ministry demands US embassy not to interfere in Russia's affairs
According to the source, 7 February 2023 the U.S. Embassy in Moscow was handed an official note demanding to stop actions incompatible with the status of the diplomatic mission, which constitutes interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation.

“The Russian Foreign Ministry states that despite repeated warnings, contained, in particular, in a note of the Foreign Ministry dated December 9, 2022 the American diplomatic mission continues its malicious activity in the information space, allowing itself inappropriate statements about the leadership of the host country, as well as disseminating fakes about the armed forces of the Russian Federation, which refers to criminal offences,” – the agency quotes the source.

According to him, “American diplomats were warned against attempts to conduct subversive work, recruiting ‘agents of influence’ to sow discord and dissension in the Russian society and incite anti-state speeches.” The agency interlocutor noted that “the officers involved will be expelled regardless of their positions.

“In this regard, the new US ambassador to Moscow, Lynn Tracy, who was received at the Foreign Ministry on January 30 to present copies of her credentials, was given a stern message about the need to strictly comply with Russian laws and stop activities that are contrary to the requirements of the Russian authorities and the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” the source added to RIA Novosti.

According to the agency, the source in the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed “that the Russian side is not going to put up with the fierce anti-Russian propaganda replicated by the US Embassy’s information resources, and intends to use all available means to neutralize it.

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