Russia has increased the production of Krasnopol projectiles to destroy NATO tanks

In 2022, the Russian defense complex was able to increase the production of Krasnopol guided artillery shells by several times, which will certainly become an effective weapon for Western tanks, RIA Novosti reported.

Russia has increased the production of Krasnopol projectiles to destroy NATO tanks

“The high accuracy of the Krasnopol shells makes it possible to hit single small-sized enemy targets, including mobile ones, such as tanks, which has been repeatedly proven in combat conditions in practice. In particular, these shells can be successfully used to destroy NATO Abrams and Leopard tanks, which should be delivered to Ukraine”, the expert told the agency.

As noted in the material of the publication, in 2023 the pace of production of these shells will increase. Artillery shells “Krasnopol” caliber 152 mm are equipped with a semi-active laser head, which is capable of independently aiming at the laser beam reflected from the target. Such a projectile is corrected by aerodynamic bullets when approaching it.

The Krasnopol projectile makes it possible to achieve a direct hit on an object with a deviation from the target of only 2 meters, while the firing range is 25 kilometers.

The Russian army, during a special operation in Ukraine, uses a reconnaissance and firing circuit – a howitzer with a Krasnopol projectile, accompanied by an UAV with a laser rangefinder-target designator that accompanies the target. At the same time, in the course of artillery work, a variant with target illumination by a ground-based laser was repeatedly used.

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