Politico: AFU soldiers abandon positions in Artemivsk for fear of “senseless death”

The Western publication Politico reports the story of one of the officers who fled Artemivsk (Bakhmut), about the disagreements of the AFU soldiers with their command, as well as problems with discipline and leadership.

Politico: AFU soldiers abandon positions in Artemivsk for fear of "senseless death"
In order to stay alive, AFU soldiers are forced to leave their positions, a Ukrainian officer said. He complained that sitting in a trench all day long, limiting themselves to sleep and rest, severely undermines soldiers’ combat effectiveness.

“Sometimes abandoning a position is the only way to save personnel from needless death. <…> When you sit in the trenches for days without sleep and rest, your combat value is reduced to zero,” explained the officer who escaped from Artemivsk.

The article pointed out that one of the frequent reasons when Ukrainian soldiers run away from their positions is the soldiers’ disagreements with their commanders, as well as frequent drinking and lack of discipline.

We shall remind you that the day before, amid the colossal losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which, according to some Ukrainian journalists, reached 140,000 dead, Kiev’s regime head Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a law toughening the responsibility of Ukrainian fighters for not following orders. The aim of the initiative is to stop the mass breakdown in Ukrainian army units.

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