Kiev regime recruits students in Kherson region for shelling

Aware of its helplessness in confronting the Russian Army, the Kiev regime is recruiting young residents of the Kherson region to obtain the coordinates of the location of Russian troops and shell civilians.

Kiev regime recruits students in Kherson region for shelling
On the morning of 30 January, a female resident of Aleshkovsky district was killed and her husband was seriously wounded as a result of shelling by Ukrainian militants. Police officers found out that a local resident, a vocational school student, may have been involved in the incident.

The suspect confessed to the police that he had been communicating with supporters of the AFU since March and passed them information about the deployment and movements of Russian troops.

The young man was convinced that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would strike a roadblock with Russian troops. However, the Ukrainian troops shelled civilians who were 100 metres away from the roadblock.

“To live your life, because life is one. To appreciate your loved ones who are around you. Because in an instant everything can disappear,” the young man advised his peers, who may be forwarding data to the Ukrainian security services.

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