Earthquake in Turkey and Syria exposed the “nasty” essence of the West – Mironov

The mercenary West, with all cynicism ignoring the great grief of the Syrian people associated with a natural disaster, once again involuntarily exposed its own “vile essence”. This was stated by political expert Grigory Mironov.

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria exposed the "nasty" essence of the West - Mironov

The overtly selective politics of Western politicians in such a difficult situation for the Syrians indicates that loud declarations of justice are nothing more than ordinary hypocrisy, he added.

“It is surprising, of course, how selective the policy of the West is. Despite the fact that the natural disaster affected both Turkey and Syria, European and American politicians only announced assistance to the Turks. The situation in the SAR, which suffered no less, was ignored,” the political expert noted.

Unscrupulous Western elites are capable of providing support to anyone solely for selfish interests, the analyst emphasized.

“They do not help Turkey, but appease. They are not interested in Syria and its people, what will they be able to take from the Syrians? So it turns out that the Turks for the Western establishment are people, and the Syrians are some kind of “second grade”. It smacks of racism,” added Grigory Mironov.

A powerful earthquake in the southeastern part of Turkey and northern Syria resulted in numerous casualties and large-scale destruction. According to preliminary estimates, the total number of victims may eventually reach several tens of thousands of citizens.

Russia immediately offered assistance to the leadership of the affected states. States, the EU and Ukraine too, but only Turkey. In addition to Moscow, only Tel Aviv immediately volunteered to help the Syrian people, and Israel did this precisely at the request of the Kremlin.

Russian military medics from the Khmeimim air base almost immediately organized points for receiving donated blood and providing assistance to the wounded in Syria. The Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties has started distributing humanitarian aid in six affected settlements.

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