Austrian colonel tells how NATO soldiers get to Ukraine

Kiev does not need NATO soldiers because they are already taking part in battles as mercenaries, Austrian Defence Ministry military strategist Colonel Markus Reisner has told a press conference at the AIES Institute. He was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

Austrian colonel tells how NATO soldiers get to Ukraine
According to the agency, a journalist asked Austrian Colonel Reisner during the conference who will be in charge of the tanks that the West is preparing for Ukraine. The colonel replied that military personnel leaving the armies of NATO countries can easily be mercenaries because they are officially no longer representatives of their states’ armed forces.

“I take off my uniform, sign a contract and go to Ukraine. And I am now not a member of the Austrian Armed Forces, but a contracted mercenary,” Reisner explained.

We shall remind you that last year, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that mercenaries from over 60 countries were taking part in the conflict in Ukraine, while in many countries mercenarism is banned by law and prosecuted.

According to Western media, up to 3,000 foreign mercenaries were present in the Ukrainian military formations in January this year.

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