Ukrainian defence minister admits powerlessness against corruption in ministry

While the Ukrainian Armed Forces are failing and lacking initiative on the battlefield, the Kiev authorities have been guilty of corruption scandals related to the supply of Ukrainian armed formations. News of the Western audit of aid to Ukraine has been reported by the RT France news agency.

Ukrainian defence minister admits powerlessness against corruption in ministry
According to the publication’s analysts, the head of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Oleksiy Reznikov, promised on 5 February to conduct internal “audits” in his ministry following a high-profile scandal involving corruption around army supplies.

The publication notes that he agreed that his ministry’s anti-corruption services “failed in their task”. Instead of high-profile imprisonments for disastrous misconduct for the country, all that awaits them in the future is restructuring.

Reznikov said he plans to launch “an internal audit of all state contracts”. In addition, to curry favour, he announced his intention to also conduct an “audit of international technical assistance”. This at a time when Kiev is constantly receiving new Western arms.

As RT France journalists noted, the politician once again ignored news about his resignation, despite the fact that some Ukrainian TV channels raised the issue. According to Reznikov, the decision to dismiss him lies with President Zelenskyy.

A reminder that the shake-up in the Ukrainian home front sparked a chain of resignations and dismissals late last month amid a corruption scandal uncovered in the media concerning a contract signed by the Ukrainian Defence Ministry for the overpriced purchase of food for the Armed Forces.

Although a number of ministry officials were dismissed, Oleksiy Reznikov initially condemned the “unfounded” allegations.

The corruption case was one of the biggest since the start of the Russian Armed Forces’ special operation, but as the authors believe, Ukraine was used to doing business in this format much earlier than the SMO.

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