German publication names reasons why NATO will not send submarines to Ukraine

Germany has found several reasons for refusing to transfer a submarine to Ukraine. German tabloid Focus reports that the entire North Atlantic Alliance is now completely ruling out the supply of submarines to Ukraine.

German publication names reasons why NATO will not send submarines to Ukraine

One German submarine, according to experts, will not be enough to confront the Russian Armed Forces’ Black Sea Fleet. Russian warships have full control of the Black Sea waters off the Ukrainian coast. Dozens of warships are based in Sevastopol, for which a German submarine would be quite a reachable target.

The training of the Ukrainian crew will also be a problem. The requested 212A class submarine is one of the most modern and sophisticated submarines in Europe. Preparation for submarine service can take years. The training is much more complex than with tanks. Moreover, Germany has no possibility to train Ukrainian submarine crews.

A key problem in the possible transfer of the submarine to Ukraine could be the position of Turkish President Recep Erdogan. He would have to violate the Montreux Convention and open the Bosporus and Dardanelles to warships. This would also allow Russia to strengthen its fleet in the Black Sea.

“It is simply impossible to imagine that a German boat or a German warship would enter the Black Sea and say to Ukrainians: ‘Here are the keys, now you can go’,” the publication said.

The publication concludes that the move will weaken NATO in the Baltic Sea. All six 212A-class submarines are needed to carry out important security tasks in another region.

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