France admits Russia has been able to resist Western sanctions pressure

French television is discussing with amazement how well Russia is doing despite Western sanctions pressure. Not only has Russia not plunged into recession, but its economy will grow more rapidly over the next two years than that of the EU or the United States.

France admits Russia has been able to resist Western sanctions pressure
Journalists of the French TV channel LCI were surprised to find that the Russian economy did not meet the expectations of foreign experts who predicted its imminent death and recession. Instead of years of food shortages and “suffocation,” the IMF said the Russian economy was growing.

“We predicted the economy was about to collapse, we predicted years of food shortages, years of suffocation for Russia, and now the latest IMF growth forecasts tell us just the opposite,” the journalists admitted.

Not only will Russia not slip into recession, but its growth over the next two years will be higher than that of the EU or the US. So the Russian economy is not doing too badly; in the next few months it will even be doing quite well.

“Yes, the IMF figures are sensational. There are two of them: In 2023 Russia will grow plus 0.3% this year. In other words, Russia has avoided recession. And in 2024, growth will be plus 2.1%. In other words, Russia will do better than Europe and the US in 2024, the eurozone by 1.6%, the US by 1%,” the reporters said.

Obviously, the predicted catastrophe is not going to happen. The IMF has already forecast a recession of 8.5% for the year 2022, which has just ended. In the end, the recession was only 2.2% and is already recovering.

In their broadcast, reporters recalled how the value of the rouble has changed against the euro. At the beginning of March last year, the Russian currency fell heavily due to the first Western sanctions, but it quickly recovered to a “very high level”.

French journalists were surprised that the rouble had strengthened even more than before the special operation. They also pointed out that the Kremlin and the Russian Central Bank had taken a series of measures “to avoid panic” in the country.

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