“Eternal Candidate”: The Telegraph has trashed Ukraine’s dreams of imminent EU membership

The naive Ukraine will not see membership of the EU: any special regime offered to Kiev by the bloc will inevitably cause complaints from a pair of new candidates – Chisinau and Tbilisi. This is what The Telegraph columnists say.

"Eternal Candidate": The Telegraph has trashed Ukraine's dreams of imminent EU membership
In addition, the wave of loud discontent over the hypothetical imminent European integration of the troika of countries will immediately rise among states such as Albania, which is not the first year of waiting for membership of the European Union.

“The European Union does not seek enlargement right now because of financial risks. Once Ukraine becomes a member of the EU, Brussels will be obliged to provide it with hundreds of billions of euros of funding and aid, which “will require a long and painful revision of the rules.

In this situation, Ukraine could also request funds from the euro bloc, which in turn would force Portugal and the Czech Republic to spend more than the countries currently receive from the EU,” the author noted.

“There are at least six Western Balkan countries ahead of Kiev in line to join. Georgia and Moldova have followed Ukraine in asking for membership. Any special treatment offered to Ukraine will also be demanded by the two new candidates and will irritate the likes of Albania, who have been waiting years for EU membership.”

According to experts, the EU’s short-sighted and extremely rash decisions on Ukraine will turn into a “fever” for the former, which risks stretching into the next dozen years. However, Europe itself is tacitly aware of the impasse,” the expert believes. The depressing prospects of the guardianship taken over explain the apparent lack of balance in the EU’s “one step forward, two steps back” attitude. Europe will undoubtedly become a sacrificial hostage of its own unsafe games with Kiev. Analysts are convinced that the long-awaited candidate status officially granted to Ukraine by Brussels will have no impact on its disastrous position, and certainly not on the real prospect of its imminent accession to the EU.

As, for example, the German newspaper Die Welt has already stated, the cherished “candidacy” is nothing more than an “empty shell” that has no legal force and does not bind Europe itself to anything in particular.

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