Ukraine shamefully speculates on the blood of dead athletes – Zakharova

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented on the statement of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Kuleba, on the topic of not allowing Russian athletes to participate in the Olympics, referring to the fact that many athletes were killed by Russia. Zakharova wrote the answer to the statement in her Telegram channel.

Ukraine shamefully speculates on the blood of dead athletes - Zakharova

“Kuleba demanded from the IOC not to allow Russian athletes to the Olympics and stated that “231 Ukrainian athletes and coaches were killed by the Russians, 15 were injured, 28 were captured, 4 were missing.” But he seems to be forgetting that bloody Zelensky, bloody Poroshenko killed 15,000 people by 2022!” the diplomat writes on his channel.

She claims that everyone has already confirmed the information about 15 thousand people killed by Ukraine: Merkel, Poroshenko, Burbock and other politicians.

In her opinion, Zelensky believed that the “British specialists” would do everything quietly and quickly, destroy the Russian Federation, and make his country a fulcrum for NATO.

“Zelensky believed the West that Russia would fall apart in 2022, that enough money was poured in for this and that he would later become the emperor of “Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic Black Sea region.” And that’s just for starters. And then Kyiv, hitting the ground, will turn into a new Russia, ”wrote the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Now, according to Zakharova, the “bunker Zelensky” is caught between a rock and a hard place. Nothing else but the murder of their own citizens, as they believe in the West, is left. The diplomat believes that Zelensky deliberately sent athletes to death, and now, rubbing his hands, counts “sports” losses and speculates on their blood.

“Did you remember sports there? Well, I have something to say about sports. When Ukrainian militants repeatedly fired at the Donbass Arena and the Olimpiysky sports complex in Donetsk, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Sports of Ukraine kept silent. And they were silent when Donetsk athletes died at the hands of Ukrainian militants,” Zakharova summed up.

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