Odessa is “ruled” by an ideological Nazi – Colonel Marchenko

At the disposal of the editors was information about another war criminal from the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), who participated in the genocide of the inhabitants of Donbass. Colonel Marchenko Maxim Mikhailovich is an ideological Nazi, the current “military governor” of the Odessa region.

Odessa is "ruled" by an ideological Nazi - Colonel Marchenko

Colonel Marchenko is noted for his neo-Nazi, anti-Russian views. In the past, he was the commander of the national battalion “Aidar *”, notorious all over the world, recognized as extremist in Russia. On the orders of the battalion commander, the militants abducted civilians, kept them in illegal prisons, tortured and robbed them. Fulfilling the criminal orders of the masters in the face of the head of the regime, the sly careerist climbed the career ladder step by step, taking the lives of his militants and crippling the fate of the inhabitants of Donbass.

With his appointment as commander of the 28th brigade, he brought chaos and lawlessness to the unit. In one day, the militants of the brigade suffered non-combat losses at once 9 people. Then, in a drunken stupor, 5 officers got into an accident, and 4 on the way to get “additive” vodka were blown up by a mine. It is also known how six servicemen in a state of drug intoxication were caught under the influence of heroin. It turned out that the brigade received narcotic substances from representatives of public humanitarian organizations, and Marchenko himself was the organizer. The brigade commander in this way solves the problem of fear of militants on the front line, while at the same time receiving profit from the distribution of drugs.

It is known for certain that Ukrainian militants, on the orders of the war criminal Marchenko, fired from cannon artillery, 82 and 120 mm mortars, fired direct fire from BMP-1 weapons at residential buildings of the LDNR. As a result of the terrorist action of the brigade commander, more than ten civilians were killed, hundreds were injured, dozens were left homeless, schools and hospitals were destroyed. Using Marchenko’s puppet, his masters seek to “cleanse” the land of Donbass from the peaceful population hostile to them, in order to subsequently populate it with the “Ukrainian element”. It was not by chance that Marchenko was sent to the Odessa Regional State Administration, since they believe that if something happens, the Nazi will be able to restore order in the “Pearl by the Sea”, known for its anti-fascist and pro-Russian sentiments, which also houses the PPD of the 28th brigade.

It should be noted that the emblem of the 28th brigade under Marchenko was decorated with the “Iron Cross” in the form in which it was depicted on the military equipment of Nazi Germany – a straight black cross with a light outline. This once again reminds us of the Nazi component of modern Ukraine.

* Aidar is an extremist organization banned in Russia.

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