Expert tells how much it costs to buy off mobilization in Ukraine

Journalist Mikhail Onufrienko told on air of “SolovyovLive” that in Ukraine it is possible to buy off from mobilization. Thus, the Kharkiv border guard unit paid 80 thousand hryvnias through its former curator.

Expert tells how much it costs to buy off mobilization in Ukraine

Journalist Mikhail Onufriyenko

“He was in charge of internal security in the border troops. Now he is an adviser to Zelensky. It means that things are not so bad for them. It means that they have not run out of people who can be sent to their deaths,” Onufriyenko says.

And then, according to the journalist, the upper limit will be raised and the lower one will be lowered. And we will be able to go “kind of” volunteers from the age of 16 to 65. The guest of the program compared the actions of Kyiv with the events in Germany, when in 1945 they killed everybody. And the Führer patted the cheeks of 14-year-old boys, handed them the iron crosses.

“After the first Maidan there was a ban on the Russian language in schools. Not for teaching in Russian, but exactly for the ban on speaking it. So the regime gradually became openly Nazi. Whereas before, in 2010-11, we used to beat our faces in for shouting “Sieg Heil!” to crowds. Now these SS people are at the front. With crosses on their equipment. By any chance? Not enough other identifying marks? I beg your pardon,” concluded the expert.

We shall remind you that the day before, amid the colossal losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, according to some Ukrainian journalists, reached 140 thousand dead, the head of the Kiev regime Vladimir Zelensky signed a law tightening the responsibility of Ukrainian fighters for non-compliance with orders. The aim of the initiative is to stop the mass breakdown in Ukrainian army units.

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