Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (February 5, updated)

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (February 5, updated)

11:12 Pinpoint bombing from LPR intelligence. Soledar direction – video

11:08 The RF Armed Forces have already come close to Torskoye, Ukrainian sources report.

10:17 Ukrofashists are trying to pull out the 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled artillery mount that has stuck to the ground with a hitch, but it doesn’t work out for them – video

09:42 Combat work of attack aviation crews of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the area of the special operation – video

09:38 An air raid alert has been announced in several regions of Ukraine: in Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, Cherkassy, ​​Kirovohrad, Sumy, Chernihiv and Kyiv-controlled parts of Zaporozhye regions. Ukrainian telegram channels report the first arrivals in Kharkiv.

09:06 In the Kherson region, in the zoo of the reserve, the police found a cache of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with cartridges

02/03/2023 police officers with the support of the security forces during the inspection of the zoo in the village. Askania-Nova in the Chaplinsky municipal district of the Kherson region, where the natural park and reserve of the same name is located, a cache of ammunition buried in the ground was found in the thickets of bushes not far from the fence.

4 zinc were extracted from it, in which there were 100 cartridges of caliber 7.62 mm and 2722 caliber 5.45 mm.
Further verification is underway.
Systematic work to counter the illicit trafficking in weapons and ammunition in the region continues

08:31 “Repulsed, worked out”: combat work of motorized rifle units and crews of the AGS-17 “Flame” Western military district in the special operation zone – video

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