Germans indignant at Zelensky’s statement as for Ukraine’s entry into the EU – DW

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Ukraine is part of the European Union, which received the wrath of readers of the German daily newspaper Die Welt.

Germans indignant at Zelensky's statement as for Ukraine's entry into the EU - DW

After such a statement by Zelensky, readers of the newspaper began to doubt the adequacy of the Ukrainian president.

“He definitely went crazy. Ukraine will never join either the EU or NATO in the near future. Even if the Ukrainian president sees it differently, NATO countries are not allies either, it requires an alliance that does not exist,” one commentator notes.

Other readers of the newspaper are very interested in what Zelensky “smokes” and note his return to his comedic past.

“Ukraine has a place everywhere except the EU. In the European Union, this will be another bottomless pit,” says another reader.

Another user considered the statement of the President of Ukraine to be the sheer impudence that is possible.

“Unsurpassed audacity. It’s just incredible,” she commented.

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