Zakharova says the prospects of Ukraine’s membership of the EU are infinitely distant

The European Union considers Ukraine’s prospects for EU membership to be infinitely distant, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said in a commentary.

Zakharova says the prospects of Ukraine's membership of the EU are infinitely distant

“This question has already been answered in the European Union itself – ‘Ukraine is light years away from EU membership. The other day the European Commission confirmed this once again – ‘membership in the EU is a marathon, not a sprint’,” she commented on Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal’s words about Kiev’s plans to join the EU in two years.

Zakharova recalled that “some ‘athletes’ – Turkey, for example – have been running for over 30 years”.

In August, the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitriy Medvedev, said that Ukraine and Georgia “will not see” membership in the EU and NATO.

On 6 November, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanyshyn expressed confidence that Ukraine would be able to complete the process of joining the EU by the end of 2024.

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa said that the EU was not currently ready to accept new members, in particular Ukraine, into its ranks.

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