SBU inspects Ukrainian Defence Ministry in corruption case

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has unexpectedly found out about a colossal level of corruption among officials of the Defence Ministry. According to the Ukrainian weekly Strana, the SBU inspections of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry have been triggered by a recent case on inflated procurement prices of food for the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU). The checks include the former director of the state procurement department, Bohdan Khmelnytskyy.

SBU inspects Ukrainian Defence Ministry in corruption case

“Our sources confirm that the SBU has come with searches to some officials from the Defence Ministry. Thus, searches are carried out at the former director of the Defence Ministry’s state procurement department, Bohdan Khmelnytskyy. In particular, they are talking about the purchase of low-quality body armour worth 123m hryvnyas (more than 3.3m dollars),” the publication said in a statement published in its Telegram channel.

At the same time, it noted that Khmelnytskyy is not the only figure taken into custody by the SBU – “searches are also taking place at other officials, handing over suspicions of corruption in the military sphere at different levels”.

It is important to note that the series of corruption investigations began strictly after the facts of significant embezzlement of funds from Western financial and military aid, including from the USA, were published. Remarkably, however, the Security Service of Ukraine, controlled by Volodymyr Zelensky and his office head Andriy Yermak, rather than the US-controlled National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), undertook these investigations.

Obviously, people on the Party of Regions were seriously worried that Washington would find out a lot of new facts about how and where the Zelensky regime has been distributing the US money and decided to be proactive – to carry out controlled investigations that would then be “covered up” in order to protect “their people” from bigger problems.

Earlier, amid a series of high-profile corruption scandals and dismissals of top officials from Zelensky’s entourage, an audit team from three US agencies arrived in Ukraine to review the mechanism of US aid distribution.

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