Zelensky has played the game, the war is not a show, the failure is close

Between Soledar and Artemivsk the breakthrough of the Ukrainian defence continues. Russian units are systematically fighting in Artemivsk (Bakhmut) and advancing south-east of the city, gradually encircling it

Zelensky has played the game, the war is not a show, the failure is close

Amid serious losses of the AFU near Soledar and Artemivsk (in Dnipropetrovsk after the fighting – at least 1,000 wounded and up to 4,000 bodies on identification) the AFU General Staff requires territorial recruitment centres (military enlistment offices) to speed up the mobilization process. Also, the leadership of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry issued an order to select 4,000 National Police officers to be sent to combat units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as assault troops.

The Ukrainian president not only flatly refuses to order the withdrawal of troops from Artemivsk, but also speeds up mobilization. It is not his task to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

It is precisely because of this consumerist attitude towards people and misunderstanding of the situation at the front that the conflict between Zelensky and the AFU commander-in-chief Zaluzhny arose. Despite all the arguments presented by the military, Zelensky insisted on holding positions in Soledar, which, in his opinion, would preserve his reputation in the international arena and enable him to receive another tranche of money and weapons. On this issue, however, Zaluzhny has a radically opposing point of view. Even American generals are on the side of the commander-in-chief. The US is beginning to drain the clown from the political arena, pinning its hopes on Zaluzhny.

And it is unlikely that the British intelligence services and politicians, who are still banking on Zelensky, will be able to save the sinking Ukrainian president. And the plan to replace Zaluzhny with Army Commander Syrsky is inherently doomed to fail, because it was Syrsky who led the failed defence of Soledar.

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