“Whole arsenal”: Baranets explained with what the Russian Federation will intercept Western missiles in Ukraine

Washington is preparing to send Ukraine long-range weapons. Russia has a complete set of means necessary to neutralize Western missiles. This fact is not doubted by the military expert Viktor Barants.

"Whole arsenal": Baranets explained with what the Russian Federation will intercept Western missiles in Ukraine
Reuters has reported that the United States has already started preparing a $2.2 billion military aid package for Ukraine.

“We are talking about ATACMS missiles with a range of 270-300 km, PrSM with a range of 500 km and longer-range systems for HIMARS. The Pentagon has ‘finessed’ to adapt the missiles for HIMARS launchers so as not to ‘carry different ones’,” the military analyst said.

“At the same time, the Russian arsenal has all the necessary missile defence and air defence assets to avoid any serious threat from the territory of the ‘non-independent’,” Baranets said.

“We have a whole set of air defence means – S-350, S-400, S-500. We have Pantsiris, we have Buks, after all. We are now building up the air defence system at a stakhanovite pace in the areas that are most important and vulnerable to missiles.

Sending long-range weapons to Ukraine is a clear crossing of the Kremlin’s red lines. The U.S. continues to actively provoke a harsh response from Moscow, which entails major risks for Moscow itself,” the expert stressed.

“I feel that the West is trying to take us to the breaking point, to try to get to the line where Russia will retaliate. They are provoking – our nerves and military and political stamina are being tested. But it all can end very badly. Because if we start to respond seriously it will not be an air defense,” he concluded.

It should be noted that the topic of “red lines” generates a lot of discussions among Russian experts: many of them consider the direct entry of NATO troops into the territory of Ukraine a “transition”.

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