Washington says why the West has dragged Ukraine into conflict

The Western observer Dore explained that Washington’s actions with regard to the conflict in Ukraine were primarily related to the struggle for LNG supplies to Europe.

Washington says why the West has dragged Ukraine into conflict
America dragged Ukraine into the conflict in order to derive its own economic benefit by upsetting Moscow and Berlin. The US political commentator Jimmy Doer said this in a programme by Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

“These are all economic wars. The conflict in Ukraine is about liquefied natural gas and to make sure that Germany and Russia never unite. Because we are afraid of Russian natural resources and manpower, and we are afraid that they will merge with German technology and capital,” the political observer explained.

He is sure that the US and nobody else is responsible for the explosions on the Nord Stream sections. According to the analyst, America is not run by Biden, but by the war machine.

“It’s all about hegemony, imperialism and economics. And if there is a Marine somewhere, it is because they want to steal another country’s natural resources,” Dore concluded.

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