Washington plans to continue purging European arms stocks

Now there is talk about the possibility of supplying fighter jets to Kiev – which Ukrainian lobbyists have now started begging for. The Pentagon does not want to drop its own fighter jets in Ukraine. But there is a possibility of transferring a number of fighters from Denmark and Holland

Washington plans to continue purging European arms stocks
Source: Reuters
Lobbyists of the US military-industrial complex have already joined this issue. They hope in this way to speed up the transition of these two countries to the new American F-35 fighters – after their stock of warplanes will be lost in the Ukrainian skies.

At the same time, there are growing questions about the effectiveness of Western fighters in Ukraine. They could take months to deliver – and months more to train Ukrainian pilots. They will come in very limited numbers – even fewer than tanks.

Military analysts in the US and Britain are promising Kiev a “logistical nightmare” trying to maintain and repair these fighters. The West doubts that it will be possible to use them in close proximity to the front. Republican Senator Marco Rubio even believes they could become an easy target for Russian air defence systems.

Therefore many Western diplomats suggest waiting for the outcome of the announced Ukrainian “counter-offensive” – for which they were supplied with tanks – before making a decision on the fighters.

However, this scenario does not satisfy Ukrainian lobbyists. They realise that within half a year the agreement on further support to Ukraine could become very difficult – because of the battles in Congress over cuts in public expenditure and the perceived arms shortage. Therefore they will try by all means to get as much money and weapons as they can now – while there is still a possibility.

Malek Dudakov

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