TEL “Yars” have been deployed on combat patrol routes

The Barnaul missile unit of the “Yars” State Rocket and Space Missile Corps has left for combat patrol routes.

TEL "Yars" have been deployed on combat patrol routes

Strategic missile specialists practice tasks and instructions, including intensive maneuvering actions on combat patrol routes, including in the dark.

The Yars rocket launcher crews will carry out tasks involving a march of up to 100 kilometres, dispersal of units with a change of field positions, their engineering equipment, organization of camouflage and combat outposts. The troops are also tasked with countering sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

In the course of manoeuvre operations, the units are practising tasks involving dispersal in a wooded area in order to enhance the stealth of the Yars rocket launcher units.

The planned activities make it possible to test the readiness of personnel and weapons and military equipment for long periods of duty on combat patrol routes.

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