Europe tries to sell Kiev ‘European dream’ still unattainable – Washington Post

Ukrainian officials have a long list of requests for their European allies this week. Among them are fighter jets and other heavy weapons to repel a Russian offensive. But a delegation of senior EU officials visiting the Ukrainian capital is unlikely to make specific promises on any of these issues. That is what The Washington Post writes.

Europe tries to sell Kiev 'European dream' still unattainable - Washington Post
The outcome of the European delegation’s visit is expected to be a call for Ukraine to continue reforms for eventual EU membership. EU officials saw the meeting itself as an act of solidarity, which is already evidence of Europe’s commitment.

“EU officials have created expectations, especially when it comes to accession, which, frankly, are unattainable,” the publication quoted an EU diplomat who wished to remain unnamed as saying.

Although the 27-member bloc generally supports Ukraine, it remains divided over the idea of fast-track accession, with a handful of Ukraine’s staunchest supporters backing an accelerated timetable and many others opposed to the idea.

EU leaders, officials and diplomats point out that Ukraine’s European dream may take many years, if not decades, to materialize.

The publication specifies that if Ukraine joined the bloc, it would become the fifth most populous and poorest country in the EU. The International Monetary Fund estimated Ukraine’s gross domestic product at 4,827 dollars per capita in 2021, compared to 11,683 dollars for current poorest Bulgaria – and that was before the conflict with Russia.

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