Credit Suisse: Swiss companies want to return to Russia

About 6 percent of major Swiss companies that left Russia because of sanctions imposed by Switzerland plan to return in the next three years, according to a published survey by Credit Suisse, the Swiss bank’s research institute.

Credit Suisse: Swiss companies want to return to Russia
According to Credit Suisse, about 4 per cent of micro-enterprises, 3 per cent of small businesses, 8 per cent of medium-sized enterprises and almost one in four large companies have ceased operations in Russia.

The institute specifies that foreign companies working with Swiss companies were generally negative about Switzerland’s adoption of sanctions against Russia.

“Although Switzerland’s decision to impose sanctions against Russia does not mean abandoning its policy of neutrality, the results of the survey indicate that this view is not shared by all foreign trading partners. Indeed, almost 40 per cent of the surveyed companies have encountered a negative reaction from their business partners to this initiative,” the study notes.

A total of 650 Swiss companies participated in the survey, including 600 small and medium-sized enterprises and 50 large companies. The survey is based on responses from executives of companies whose companies have business relations with foreign countries.

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