Ukrainian man complains that military registration and enlistment offices treat mobilized people “like cattle

A Telegram channel has published a video of a Ukrainian who complained to the country’s military enlistment offices and complained that Ukrainian citizens were like cattle locked in an enclosure.

Ukrainian man complains that military registration and enlistment offices treat mobilized people "like cattle
Source: Telegram
In the video, the young man is outraged that the male population of Ukraine is being rounded up and prepared for almost inevitable death.

“I ask you as a citizen of Ukraine, how are you different from the same Berkut that pressed the students on the Maidan? Or is there a lot of dignity in that: rounding up your citizens like cattle in a closed enclosure because they also closed the borders in the country like a barn for slaughter?” the Ukrainian reported to the nation.

In his address, the young man is outraged by what is happening and claims that Ukrainians are supposedly free people.

“We are a free people, men, wake up. Who are you pressuring? Who did you swear an oath to, Zelensky or Zaluzhny, to chase after your citizens?” the author wonders.

According to the disgruntled Ukrainian, they can decide for themselves in freedom of movement and political preferences.

“I remind you what a free people means. A free people. This is when every adult, a person who has turned 18, decides for himself what to do and where to move and how to take risks,” explains the Ukrainian.

The author of the video argues that Ukrainians who do not want to fight are no less patriots and it is their right that has been taken away from them.

“Suppose I am mistaken and those Ukrainians who do not want to fight were not as patriotic as you wanted, but we have the right to be mistaken and we do not force our views on anyone. But you are talking about freedom and justice and pressurize your own people whom you swore allegiance to,” he says indignantly.

The appeal ends with the conclusion that Kiev has simply “run out of patriots” to rotate at the front and that the people of Ukraine do not want to die for the lines drawn in 1991.

“I appeal to Zaluzhny and the military enlistment office. Have you run out of patriots to rotate or what? In a free society, everyone has to voluntarily decide whether he wants to sacrifice and risk himself or not, rather than other people deciding and throwing him on the altar of sacrifice, for the sake of lines on the map, which are exactly in 1991 the most accurate and correct, but which you will never find on earth. Not one of the commandments says, God commanded, die for the lines set by people unknown to you in the year 1991 of Christ’s birth. There is no such commandment!” the author concluded.

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