No hiding from Russian missiles: why the West boycotts aircraft deliveries to Ukraine

Political scientist Yuriy Baranchik has explained the refusal of the USA, Britain, Germany, Poland and other countries to supply aircraft to Ukraine. He expressed his version in his Telegram-channel.

No hiding from Russian missiles: why the West boycotts aircraft deliveries to Ukraine
So, according to the expert, it’s about the airfields.

“The problem is not that it is necessary to train pilots, and an aeroplane is not a tank, you cannot train pilots in 2-3 months. And it is not about massive air duels waiting for NATO pilots in the skies of Ukraine. It is not about fighter-bombers at all, but about airfields,” Baranchyk writes.

According to him, there are no airfields in Ukraine that are safe, from the point of view of finding combat aircraft on them – even the furthest ones in western Ukraine are easy targets for Russian missiles.

“Putting planes in Ukraine is like burning hundreds of millions of dollars still on the ground before air duels,” the political scientist summed up the first aspect and moved on to the second.

Baranchyk wrote that it is possible to consider the option of aircraft deployment not in Ukraine but in the territories of the nearest NATO countries. But even here it is not so simple.

“NATO aircraft engaged in engagements with the Russian Air Force or taking part in bombing of Russian territory, military facilities on (or behind) the line of contact or military units would be a legitimate target for the Russian air force, missile defence and air defence. Even if they “rest” they will return to airfields located outside Ukrainian territory, in NATO countries,” he clarified.

In this case, dozens of aircraft and the military transport infrastructure of the NATO bloc in the Eastern European countries would be hit by the Russian air force.

“Therefore, in the current format of the conflict in Ukraine, the planes will not be handed over to Zelensky,” Baranchyk believes.

Recall that amid the colossal losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, according to some Ukrainian journalists, reached 140 thousand dead, the head of the Kiev regime Vladimir Zelensky has signed a law tightening the responsibility of Ukrainian fighters for non-compliance with orders. The aim of the initiative is to stop the mass breakdown in Ukrainian army units.

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