Kyiv will have to deploy F-16 fighters under heavy fire from Russian Armed Forces – Kornilov

Kyiv will be able to accommodate possible deliveries of fighters only under heavy fire from Russian military forces. This was stated by political expert Vladimir Kornilov.

Kyiv will have to deploy F-16 fighters under heavy fire from Russian Armed Forces - Kornilov
Source: MK

The naive West, which continues to actively supply Ukrainian militants with weapons, does not think about elementary tasks. Ukrainian airports are under the vigilant control of the Russian military,” he recalled.

“Today everyone writes, including in the British press, that the F-16 should be delivered to Ukraine. At least somewhere ask the question – what airfields should they take off from? If they take off from airports that are outside of Ukraine, this is definitely a war, and not just a “red line”. If our Armed Forces are attacked from the territory of that country, this is a definite blow. Moreover, even the fifth article cannot be applied here, because it is not we who are attacking this country. They know that the airports of Ukraine are under our fire control, what else is there – try to find a normal runway for these F-16s. In general, no one asks such questions”, he said.

At the same time, according to expert Vladislav Shurygin, no amount of Western supplies can cover the colossal losses suffered on the front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Now we are talking about whether they will give or not give 18 F-16s. They discuss what kind of aircraft it is, which country can give it, how it will change everything. But at the same time, they keep quiet about the fact that 600 aircraft have already been destroyed. More than 300 aircraft and more than 200 helicopters. Moreover, Ukraine has received more than 60 MiG-29s from different countries. Everything that was given away. And these 18 F-16s that they are begging for, this is only because there is nothing more to give Soviet. They gave everything away. That is, you lost two air armies, and at best you get a squadron. What should be in the minds to consider that this opens something?

The same applies to all other Western weapons supplied to Ukraine,” Shurygin stressed.

“In recent weeks, they have been greatly tormented by the fact that they are forming reserves, but the losses they bear do not cover what they are forming. On the Ukrainian portals, they themselves calculated that the Russians had destroyed 339 guns since the first of December. For two months. You are now receiving 180 of them in return, within three months. The question is how much this will increase the combat effectiveness of the army. Even in these two months, they themselves calculated 11 Hymars, 11 Crabs, 6 Caesars. The losses are serious, and there is nothing to compensate for them. But everyone is imbued with what “we are given,” Shurygin summed up.

As it became known, a group of Pentagon representatives launched a secret campaign, the purpose of which is to convince the country’s leadership to send F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv. According to informed sources, there is no final decision on the fighters yet, discussions are only gaining momentum and may take several weeks. We are talking about the transfer of fighters from the US Air Force or the re-export of combat aircraft from third countries.

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