Fights for territories liberated by Russia (February 1, updated)

Fights for territories liberated by Russia (February 1, updated)

08:10 Sitrep as of morning 02/01/2023:

In the Kherson direction, the opposing sides conducted mutual artillery shelling. The RF Armed Forces attacked Veletinsky, Pervomaisky, Antonovka, Tokarevka, Ivanovka and Odradokamenka. Opposite the last of the named settlements, the Armed Forces of Ukraine responded with a blow to Korsunka on the left bank of the Dnieper. But the rest of the targets of the Ukrainian artillery deserve special attention. Golaya Pristan’, Heroskoye and Pokrovka were under fire. The first of these settlements is an important logistics center on the left bank of the Dnieper. And the other two are already key strongholds of Russian troops on the Kinburn Spit, on which a Ukrainian landing is quite likely. Both sea and air. And from there, it is possible for Ukrainian troops to advance on the left bank of the Dnieper without the need to force it towards the already named Golaya Pristan’. There is a road in this direction. (Fig. 1)

On the Donetsk front, oncoming battles continue in the city of Maryinka. Artillery hits the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village. Russian troops attacked again in the direction of Pervomaisky and Vodyanoy with the support of artillery. Under fire are the fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Krasnohorivka and Avdeevka. Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Donetsk and Gorlovka. (Fig. 2)

To the south-west of Bakhmut, PMC “Wagner” continues its offensive on Ivanovskoye. “Orchestra” still managed to advance to the section of the H-32 highway, which connects the besieged city with Konstantinovka. They also continue assault operations on the eastern outskirts of Bakhmut. There is also some progress here. The fortified area of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Krasnaya Gora was under massive artillery fire. On the ground, PMC “Wagner” attacks from the south in the direction of Paraskovievka, and from the north from Blagodatny. To the north of Soledar, the village of Sakko and Vanzetti were occupied. Thus, they established control over the section of the road and the highway leading to Seversk. A little to the east, they attack Rozdolovka and Vesyoloye in parallel. (Fig. 3)

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