Expert considers provocative rhetoric of Lithuania “idiocy”

“The criminal concept of a reckless dwarf country” – in this way Russian military expert Viktor Baranets called the urge of the leader of Lithuania, Nausėda, to “cross the red line” and supply fighter jets and long-range missiles to Kyiv.

Expert considers provocative rhetoric of Lithuania “idiocy”
Source: MK

The retired colonel considered the provocative rhetoric of the vocal Baltic country “suicidal” and also openly calling on the West for a direct military confrontation with Moscow.

“First of all, I would call such a statement a call to war with Russia. And, secondly, to the suicide of the most dwarf, but very smelly republic in the Baltics, which is Lithuania. The statement is idiotic and provocative. The Russian people have a saying that a small flea is often very, very smelly. In this case, it seems to me, this comparison with the person who announced such a criminal concept, I’m not afraid to say, not for little Lithuania, but first for Europe, and then for the world, is ideal.”

Russia, without a doubt, will respond harshly to incoming threats, Baranets emphasized.

“This is actually a call to declare war on Russia. And Russia, of course, will respond to these threats. And first of all, those countries that call for such an order of things will disappear from the face of the earth”, said the colonel.

The other day, members of the North Atlantic Alliance decided to send heavy tanks to Ukraine. The insatiable military appetite of the leader of the Ukrainian state, Zelensky, has also dramatically extended to fighter planes. In an effort to actively stir up the excitement of Western curators, Lithuania, which does not have its own combat aviation of this type, publicly called on the allies to “cross the red line.”

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