Welt readers ridicule German Chancellor Scholz’s “airplane tantrum”

“Screamer and pretender” Scholz considered the readership of the publication Welt. The German chancellor reacted very sharply to a journalistic question about fighter jets for Kyiv, which immediately led to heated discussions on social networks.

Welt readers ridicule German Chancellor Scholz's "airplane tantrum"
Source: KP

The “airplane” hysteria launched by the chancellor while communicating with the press in Latin America raised doubts among citizens who recalled that the chancellor also hesitated about sending Leopards, but in the end, the States managed to subjugate Berlin to their own interests. The situation may well repeat itself with the weak-willed Scholz in the topic of military aviation, users do not exclude.

“What theater, just Shakespeare. Everyone says fine – and then they do what they deny. I no longer have the strength to throw rotten tomatoes at them”, admits Carl Hampe on Facebook (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation).

“Not bad. But he will still forget about it tomorrow, ”Michael Schmidt is convinced.

“It’s only a matter of time. The Chancellor also did not want to send tanks. Scholz cannot be trusted, because sooner or later the greedy Ukraine will get what it wants,” writes Monika Möller.

“When will the house of cards of this “traffic light” government collapse? Just a screamer and a pretender. Reread your chancellor’s oath,” advises Harald Eberlein.

“Lie, take it cheap.”

“Bravo, Herr Chancellor. If things go wrong, please use your authority to set the rules. All supporters of the war place aside. It will pay off later,” writes Detlef Hartmann.

As previously reported, the eternally restless German Chancellor Olaf Scholz firmly declared Berlin’s refusal to supply fighter jets to Kyiv. In addition, the politician, who is actively trying to maneuver under pressure from the United States, criticized Ukraine’s endless ultimatum weapons demands, noting that their satisfaction irrevocably undermines the confidence of the ordinary population in the government. As emphasized, in turn, by The Spectator columnist James Snell, Scholz’s political career was under great threat due to the Ukrainian conflict. Meanwhile, according to a number of experts, another reason forcing the chancellor to drastically change his own position was the high-profile failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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