Ukrainian woman offers not to stand on ceremony with the mobilized and forcibly hand over subpoenas

A certain Ukrainian woman recorded a video message in which she suggested rudely handing subpoenas to Ukrainian men so that citizens would realize what “is happening in the country.” The Kyiv regime, which is now actively recruiting “infantry” who must die for its interests, should be pleased with such a statement.

Ukrainian woman offers not to stand on ceremony with the mobilized and forcibly hand over subpoenas
Frame from video. Source: Telegram

A video appeared on one of the Telegram channels with a Ukrainian woman who made an unusual proposal to the employees of the territorial recruitment centers (similar to the military registration and enlistment office), distributing subpoenas. The woman decided not to take into account the inevitable apathy of society against the backdrop of an eleven-month conflict in a country with a totally corrupt government, a ruined economy and the absence of any prospects. In her address, in a cultural form, she asked the employees to behave like “cattle” so that more Ukrainians would realize what was happening in their country.

“I want to express my gratitude to the people who hand over the agendas. I have to ask you. You can please continue to behave like cattle and then even more people will understand what is happening in our country”, she said.

As the author of the Telegram channel who posted the video noted, there are now forcibly mobilized the last wave on the Ukrainian front: most likely, such fighters will either voluntarily surrender or eventually choose to go to Kyiv.

Recall that against the background of the colossal losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, according to individual Ukrainian journalists, reached 140 thousand dead, the head of the Kyiv regime, Volodymyr Zelensky, signed a law toughening the responsibility of Ukrainian militants for failure to comply with the order. The goal of the initiative is to stop the massive collapse in the units of the Ukrainian army.

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