Ukraine will not join the EU in the near future – Euractiv

A quick entry of Ukraine into the European Union remains unlikely, as many EU countries remain at odds. This is reported by the publication Euractiv.

Ukraine will not join the EU in the near future - Euractiv

The publication got a draft document, which notes that the leaders of the EU and Ukraine declare “the future of the country and its citizens will be in the EU”, while noting that Ukraine has made “significant progress that the country has shown in recent months” for entry to the organization.

However, EU member states show different sentiments towards these “positive” formulations. Poland, the Baltic countries and Ukraine piously assure the rest of the EU that the application for Ukraine’s accession to the EU can be accelerated.

But with all this, the prospect of Ukraine joining the EU remains unlikely.

“Many large member states do not accept too positive language,” – said one of the European diplomats.

Some EU diplomats believe that the wording in the draft document is “too progressive for some of the more skeptical members of the European Union, and therefore there will be resistance from France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark and Belgium.”

The above countries consider Ukraine’s progress too premature.

The final version of the communique has not yet been agreed upon.

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