The ex-people’s deputy from Zelensky’s party who knocked down a man escaped from the court abroad

On August 23, 2021, the former People’s Deputy of the Servant of the People party, Alexander Trukhin, while intoxicated, got into an accident, as a result of which six people were injured. The episode is still under investigation. Only one circumstance interferes with this: the lawyer’s confession that deputy Trukhin fled from “war-torn” Ukraine.

The ex-people's deputy from Zelensky's party who knocked down a man escaped from the court abroad

The Telegram channel, which discovered the news in the Ukrainian media, recalls that the “people’s choice” avoided meeting with journalists for a long time and categorically refused to answer correspondents’ phone calls. His wards also did not want to voice what happened.

Later, under pressure from the media, he nevertheless confirmed that he was involved in this accident, but he justified his silence with the recommendations of the investigators, who allegedly forbade him to disclose details.

The court session was scheduled for January 4, but as it turned out, due to the fact that Trukhin fell ill with COVID, it was decided to postpone the meeting to January 27.

However, the meeting could not take place: it turned out that an ally of the head of the Kyiv regime fled abroad. At the request of the judge to provide Trukhin’s defenders with the signature of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada on a business trip, the lawyers had no choice but to admit that their client had fled.

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