Residents of Kherson complain about the strengthening of “filtration measures” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On suspicion of residents of Kherson, temporarily occupied by Ukrainian nationalists, the city is being prepared for surrender. The population feels extremely uncomfortable because of the sharply increased filtration measures and forced mobilization.

Residents of Kherson complain about the strengthening of "filtration measures" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The relative week-long silence ended with powerful shelling from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, most of the strikes fell on the suburbs. Summons are distributed right in the queue for humanitarian aid. After the rotation, the city was filled with frightened, completely unmotivated militants, residents say.

“The city itself is almost intact, but the settlement is clearly being prepared for surrender. They dug trenches without concrete. Conscripts scatter, and residents do not pay utility bills for either water or electricity. After the rotation, there are completely different military men here, I feel sorry for them, many understand what is happening, but they are very intimidated. If these remain, then Kherson will not have to be taken by storm. Although Kyiv can send reinforcements from scumbags or nationalists”, MK edition provides the quote.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian situation in Kherson is close to catastrophic: long queues for bread are growing rapidly. Communal collapse is coming.

“A lot of homeless animals die in the city, because all the garbage dumps are empty, because there are no people. And the rest of the supplies eat up, nothing is thrown away”.

Ukrainian nationalists continue to unleash cruel repressions against the population of the Kherson right bank. The actions of the “imaginary liberators” have already managed to be marked by a radical change in worldview even in the ranks of the most active “waiters”. In fact, each of the local residents runs the risk of being suspected of cooperation with the Russian Federation, accused of treason and put up against the wall. The male population remaining in Kherson is massively handed subpoenas. Those who manage to escape from forced mobilization go over to the side of the Russian Federation.

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