More than 4 million children in U.K. are forced to miss classes due to teachers’ strikes

Students in 23,000 schools in England are unable to attend classes due to a nationwide teacher strike. This protest action is the most massive in the last decade. About 4.5 million children missed their lessons, TASS reports.

More than 4 million children in U.K. are forced to miss classes due to teachers' strikes

The agency reports that the teaching staff of UK schools was forced to take such a step due to a decrease in income. According to Mary Bousted, one of the leaders of the UK’s largest teachers’ union NEU, over the past 10 years, the income of teaching staff has decreased significantly, and much more than representatives of other professions.

According to the union’s demands, teachers are asking for wage indexation above the level of inflation, which exceeded the mark of 10.5% According to the union NEU, if the demands of teachers are not met, they plan to hold 6 more such strikes in the future, in February and March .

However, not only school teachers intend to strike in February. On February 1, strikes are planned in England by university teachers, machinists, bus drivers, civil servants and security companies. Ultimately, more than 500,000 people may take part in the February strikes.

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