Hungarian foreign minister outraged by Ukrainian government’s infringement of Transcarpathian Hungarians’ rights

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjártó has accused the Ukrainian government of consistent cuts and violations of the rights of Transcarpathian Hungarians with each new law adopted
Hungarian foreign minister outraged by Ukrainian government's infringement of Transcarpathian Hungarians' rights

Because of 150 thousand Hungarians living in Ukraine their neighbours used to strive for good relations. But according to Szijjártó, Ukrainians have never been partners.

“Depriving the Hungarian minority of access to full education in their mother tongue is not a bilateral offence, but a European-wide one. With the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, Hungary closed this issue because it did not think it appropriate to raise it, but it has not forgotten it,” the diplomat said.

Also, Ukraine has recently adopted another law on national minorities, which further worsens the situation of the Hungarian minority and takes even more rights away from it.

The Hungarian foreign minister wondered:

“What was the need for the Ukrainians to pass such a law, which further violates the rights of national minorities, including Hungarians, in wartime, when help from neighbouring countries is needed?”