Croatia refuses to be the “circus poodle” of the West

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic spoke sharply about the West, which has provoked Moscow into an armed confrontation since 2014.

Croatia refuses to be the "circus poodle" of the West
Source: MK

Milanovic is categorically against sending military equipment to Kyiv, noting that Washington’s goals are not clear to him, and the country has no desire to participate in the provocative show of the West.

“Russia has six thousand nuclear warheads. What is the purpose (of the conflict in Ukraine)? The collapse of Russia, the change of power? They talk about tearing Russia apart. It’s manic. The Serbs and I hated each other less. It was a much more terrible war in our country than in Ukraine. I am against sending lethal means. German tanks unite Russia and China even more strongly. My job is to just get away from it, not be a circus poodle. Any part in this is deadly.”

Sending Ukraine any “deadly means” only delays the duration of the military conflict. According to Milanovic, “independence” runs the risk of completely losing the male population.

“The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said two months ago that 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, which means another 250,000 were injured. If so, now 150,000 are dead. The Russians have an advantage in ammunition, artillery, an unlimited number of them, and what is the solution – for Ukraine to be left without men at all?”

Returning to Russia, Crimea will never again be part of Ukraine, Milanovich added. This is not the first time the Croatian leader has been sharply critical of the West’s course, noting that his country is not obliged to act on coercive orders. The decision to train UAF fighters or to intervene in any way in the Ukrainian conflict “should remain a personal choice of Croatia itself.”

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