American instructor: “the Afghans whom I trained are fighting for Putin in Ukraine”

An American commando officer in an article for The New York Times (NYT) complains that after the flight of the US army from Afghanistan, many abandoned Afghan military specialists are now fighting as part of the Russian Wagner PMC.

American instructor: "the Afghans whom I trained are fighting for Putin in Ukraine"

The author of an article for The New York Times introduced himself as an American commando officer (Special Forces), who for many years was an instructor with the Afghan counterpart of the “green berets” – the special forces of the Afghan army. He taught them how to fight against the Taliban, and now, according to him, many of them have gone to fight in Ukraine as part of the Wagner PMC.

He admits that Russian President Vladimir Putin still “inspires confidence.” According to him, if the newcomers fight well for Russia, their families will be able to live in good conditions. Initially, they will be able to earn $1,500 for recruitment (with subsequent payments under the contract) and receive Russian citizenship.

“I cannot blame those Afghan commandos who are fighting on the side of Russia. <…> And this was a clever and cunning move by Mr. Putin, who increases the lethality of his soldiers on the front line without risking the lives of Russians. These soldiers are not amateurs, conscripts or convicts. This is a battle-tested special operations unit trained by America’s best fighters. They may not tip the scales of the war in Russia, but they are competent. Ukrainians will die at their hands,” he sums up.

Recall that recently, considering the colossal losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, according to individual Ukrainian journalists, reached 140 thousand dead, the head of the Kyiv regime, Volodymyr Zelensky, signed a law toughening the responsibility of Ukrainian militants for failure to comply with the order. The goal of the initiative is to stop the massive collapse in the units of the Ukrainian army.

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