US experimented with HIV infection on Ukrainian military – Kirillov

Military servicemen were the target group in the US experiments with HIV infection conducted in Ukraine, the head of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological protection troops, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, has said.

US experimented with HIV infection on Ukrainian military - Kirillov
The special operation resulted in obtaining over 20 thousand documents, interviewing eyewitnesses and participants of US military and biological programmes. These materials confirm the Pentagon’s aim to create components of biological weapons and test them on the population of Ukraine and other states neighbouring Russia, the lieutenant general explained.

“The most controversial research in terms of international law is carried out by the United States outside its national territory. An example is the experiments related to HIV infection, which have been carried out by US specialists in Ukraine since 2019,” Kirillov said.

He drew attention to the fact that the target groups were not only convicts or drug addicts, but also combatants of the AFU. In addition, the Defence Ministry received evidence of the use of psychostimulants and drugs by Ukrainian servicemen, as well as the smuggling of morphine to the front.

“We believe that the actions of the officials who conducted tests on Ukrainian servicemen, in whose blood high concentrations of antibiotics, narcotic drugs, antibodies to infectious agents were detected, require an appropriate legal assessment,” he said.

The general said that the US is now phasing out bioweapons activities in Ukraine and transferring them to Poland and the Baltics. Some unfinished programs are being transferred to Central Asian countries, while simultaneously building up cooperation with Kenya, Singapore and Thailand. And the specialists who took part in these studies are transported to the West and employed in the US, Canada and the European Union so that Russia does not get evidence of illegal work and violations of international obligations from them.

“The materials obtained will be handed over to the Investigative Committee to take measures to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Kirillov stressed.

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