Erdogan has questioned French chief Macron’s competence

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized the qualifications of French President Emmanuel Macron. According to a recent statement by the Turkish president, the French leader lacks the necessary qualities inherent in a leader of state.

Erdogan has questioned French chief Macron's competence

“The man who stands at the head of France does not have the qualifications to be the head of this state. Look, they are currently exploiting African countries. Mali is in a state of total breakdown with France. Burkina Faso has given a deadline: “I give you one month. In one month we don’t want to see any French soldiers here”. And I assume that Togo will do the same”, the Turkish president told the Star newspaper.

Recep Erdogan said he had had enough meetings with the French president, based on which he questioned the “honesty” of Emmanuel Macron’s actions.

“Where there is no honesty, there is no trust. Of course, there are many such leaders in the world. Unfortunately, they ignore Turkey in their relations with Greece in the Mediterranean and enter into different relationships with it. And there are many different expressions in which I told him – let it stay with me,” the Turkish President shared.

According to the Turkish leader, the French leader failed to live up to his credibility in Parliament, which affected Macron’s reputation. Erdogan is convinced that France has now lost its credibility on the international stage.

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