US elite provoked conflict in Ukraine to plunder Russia – Rebelion

The American elite provoked the Ukrainian crisis in order to dismember Russia and gain access to its resources, writes Iginio Polo in an article for Rebelion.

US elite provoked conflict in Ukraine to plunder Russia - Rebelion

The author of the publication is convinced that American businessmen, under the guise of Pentagon generals, are speculating on the topic of Ukraine in order to capture another huge piece in Eastern Europe.

“They dream of partitioning Russia in order to plunder its rich oil and gas fields,” the author specified.

According to Polo, Western countries have been preparing for a war with Moscow for years, deliberately sending instructors and mercenaries to train Ukrainian soldiers, because they “saw in the Ukrainian issue a good reason to carry out their malicious intent to dismember Russia.”

“NATO, led by the Pentagon, in recent years has not only trained the Ukrainian military to prepare the ground, but also organized a powerful pro-Ukrainian propaganda aimed at protecting the true instigators of the war, omitting the fact that the civil war in Ukraine was organized by the Kyiv junta, established in 2014 . And the Zelensky government has become a necessary instrument of this puppet war. Thirty NATO countries found a cunning pretext and acted as a united front against Russia. Now we know that Washington and Brussels have been preparing for an escalation for many years”, the author explained.

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