How much is the “truth” in the American media

One of my acquaintances began the conversation like this: “You journalists are not telling the truth.” Where is the truth? If I were a liberal, I would say. The truth is given only in the American media. But alas, it’s not

How much is the "truth" in the American media
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The American television channel Fox News published an investigation. Billionaire George Soros paid $131 million over the years to 54 journalists from CNN, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg and The Washington Post. And they covered events the way Soros wanted them to.

Soros has invested more than $32 billion to propagate a radical “open society” agenda against abortion, Marxism, anti-Americanism, defunding the police, environmental extremism, and LGBT triumph. The journalists are linked to Soros through the Committee to Protect Journalists, which received $3 million. And also through the Aspen Institute. The rest of the money came from companies controlled by Soros.

It happens that TV channels or newspapers are not funded by the state, as in the USSR Pravda, Trud, Gudok, Central Television. But under capitalism, there are large companies that finance them. It’s everywhere, it’s capitalism. Presentation of information, especially on television, is a very expensive thing. This does not mean at all that the host company interferes with the daily work of a journalist. No, but she leads the main line of coverage of the most important events. In the United States, large private shareholders finance the election of their presidents, that is, they actually influence politics. Therefore, all democratic media reflect democratic government desires. It is not surprising that all Western media are now working to the same tune – against Russia and for Ukraine. Simply because the Democratic government of the United States is blowing that tune. American journalist John Varoli says that such a direct expansion is now simply because the ideologists of the American world are very old.

“I know this kitchen from the inside. I know how they know each other. They have delusions of grandeur, they want to arrange a utopia on Earth. They are all elderly and think: “We have little time left, we need to work faster.” To build the world order, as they say,” says Varoli.

Maybe look at another example? There is a public corporation BBC in England, which is funded by the population. Every Briton pays a TV tax. Maybe it gives them more neutral information?

British media accused Boris Johnson of deciding to travel to Ukraine to distract him from this week’s scandal. It was learned that Johnson, as prime minister, received an £800,000 loan with the help of Richard Sharpe, who was a banker at Goldman Sachs. In exchange for the post of head of the BBC.

Yes, and there is only money, and there is one tune. But there is one feature. The American media has always been hailed as the most open, incorruptible and truthful media. I don’t know if it was so or not, but let’s turn to the literature. Take Arthur Hailey’s novel The Evening News. This is a true production writer. For books, he first collected everything on the topic – every detail, every detail. Hence the real success of his novel The Airport. So for the Evening News, where Haley writes about television news in the early 90s, he first gathered all the details. And there is one interesting passage about the 80s.

The CBA was the latest of the major television stations to fall victim to what the media world called the “petty occupation.” This was the characteristic of the transition of radio and television stations into the hands of industrial conglomerates, whose desire to receive large profits outweighed all considerations of the special status of the stations and their obligations to the public. And in the past, people like CBS owner Paley, NBC owner Sarnoff, and ABC owner Goldenson, all hard-core capitalists, were also constantly concerned about fulfilling their obligations to the public.

That is, the transition of large companies to large private industrial owners did not affect the public’s opinion about the wonderful freedom of their media. No one thought that big industrialists could promote not only their own ideas, but most importantly, party ideas. OK. However, it suddenly turns out that the American media, and very significant ones, could simply be bought by a billionaire who does not own the media at all. And to break through their own political ideas there. Not necessarily Democratic or Republican, but only those that allow him to make money. This is the crux of the scandal. And the fact that the heads of American television companies after him were not dismissed in disgrace shows that the buying up of the information field is not so exciting for the shareholders of CNN or all sorts of Bloomberg. Yes, they took money. But it was good American dollars for the right American idea. And the public does not need to know about the venality of American journalists, because they have such sincere faces.

Andrey Dobrov, RenTV

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