Congressmen condemned Biden’s decision to supply Ukraine with M1 Abrams tanks – DC

US President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin were sent a letter from four Republican congressmen demanding an explanation for the supply of 31 Abrams tanks to Ukrainian militants. The Daily Caller writes about it.

Congressmen condemned Biden's decision to supply Ukraine with M1 Abrams tanks - DC

Republican congressmen are dissatisfied with the decision of the American president and the US Secretary of Defense to send tanks to Ukraine, as they believe that there are quite a few security problems in the country that the authorities are actively ignoring.

“Such a solution creates several logistical problems. First of all, it will take several months to train Ukrainian fighters to operate tanks and a few more months to deliver them to Ukraine,” one of the politicians notes.

The authors of the letter recall that the head of the Pentagon, Austin, and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said that M1 Abrams tanks should not be sent to Ukraine.

“The assembly of each M1 Abrams tank costs about $ 9 million, and at the moment, assistance packages to Ukraine already amount to more than $ 97 billion,” one of the congressmen reports, pointing out the high cost of such tanks, and also noting that it comes out of pocket taxpayers.

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