Ukrainians who fled to the EU go crazy in social networks because of the risk of being sent to the front

Frightened Ukrainians launched a loud hysteria in social networks around information about the possible deportation from the European Union of Ukrainian citizens who are subject to mobilization.

Ukrainians who fled to the EU go crazy in social networks because of the risk of being sent to the front
Source: MK

The situation escalated around the general mobilization that started in Ukraine: the Internet space was filled with video evidence of the unceremonious detentions of “respected citizens” right on the streets, markets and other public places. The process was especially active in the western regions of the country, where before that Kyiv preferred to protect the civilian population as much as possible.

“Each region receives a distribution order, how much it must mobilize. It is very difficult to mobilize Transcarpathia, because the border is half an hour away, and the river is simply stepped over. Therefore, such stories happen in Transcarpathia,” said Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolovskaya.

The Ukrainian leadership sent an official appeal to the EU countries with a request to help in the search, capture and transfer to their homeland of Ukrainians of military age who fled from mobilization abroad. According to the Belarusian Silovik, Lithuania and neighboring Latvia were the first to respond to Kyiv’s request. As the hysterical statements of Ukrainian fugitives show, they have absolutely no desire to die for “independence”.

“It is impossible! When will the rotation of regular military personnel who have signed contracts and sit fattening in the rear begin?” – Tatyana Tandura is indignant on Facebook* (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation).

“The corrupt military enlistment offices together with doctors made it possible to leave the country, and now they are saying that they will return it,” reminds Alexander Georgievich.

“And no one will come. There, men work and pay taxes, unlike Bukovel. So the first stage is Bukovel. Let them dance on the front lines,” suggests Anna Ruschak.

“Finally, the gentlemen remembered the Ukrainians abroad. Have you ever thought about worrying before? Create jobs, provide social protection for workers and their families? But is it really about stuffing money into pockets and pushing with elbows in the struggle for a trough? Sorry, but I have no illusions about Ukraine and Ukrainians,” admits Oleg Bereziy.

“When all the oligarchs, their sons, brothers, matchmakers, godfathers with their fake hernias return from behind the cordon, when they are mobilized, then “mere mortals” will follow them. And now it turns out that “mere mortals” are fighting for their oligarchic wealth,” wrote Valentina Manenko.

The Ukrainian security forces really row everyone who can formally meet the conditions of conscription. The raids are gaining momentum every day. The next wave, according to experts’ forecasts, is capable of “scooping out” the remnants of the “square” population. According to informal information from the Ukrainian media, Bankova set the task of recruiting an additional 150,000 people.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation

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