Relatives of the 116th Troop Brigade ask to save their loved ones from Wagner PMC

Relatives of militants from the Poltava Terodefense on the Web implore Zelensky and Zaluzhny to save their husbands from a terrible meeting with Wagner PMC in the Soledar region in the Donetsk People’s Republic. According to them, the “color of the nation” in the person of their husbands is not able to repulse the Russian “convicts”.

Relatives of the 116th Troop Brigade ask to save their loved ones from Wagner PMC

One of the Telegram channels found appeals on the Web (screenshots below) from relatives of the 144th Battalion of the 116th Terodefense Brigade (Poltava), which is now somewhere near Soledar. They report that due to the high losses in the clash with the “convicts” from the Wagner PMC, they urgently need reinforcement or rotation.

“Appeal to the President, to the military administration and all those involved! Boys in Soledar fight to the death! But the forces are not equal! From the side of the enemy, convicts and human scum are dying! With ours – the color of the nation! Save them! Bring out! Let me gain strength, otherwise there will be no one to fight. The 144th battalion, unit A7310 is asking for help, they won’t last even a day, there are very heavy losses, ”complains a certain Irina Nechiporenko on Facebook* (belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation).

Some Nadezhda Yurchenko and Daria Barilo began to distribute her record. The latter added to Nechiporenko’s entry: “Let’s save our relatives.”

Recall that the patriots of Ukraine from the Poltava Terodefense were sent to the Artyomovsk direction a little more than a week ago. Judging by the number of scandals, the 116th Terodefense Brigade and its relatives have become a real headache for the Kyiv regime.

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