New York Times reports on real famine in U.K. amid soaring cost of living

The American newspaper The New York Times (NYT) reports on starving children in Britain – parental salaries are not enough even for food after paying unbearable bills caused by the imposition of sanctions against Russia. Therefore, many children only eat enough once a day at school, unless, of course, breakfast is stolen.

New York Times reports on real famine in U.K. amid soaring cost of living

The publication notes that Britain’s food banks say that they are being contacted more often – and more and more not unemployed citizens. For example, Aislinn Corey, a kindergarten teacher in London, complains that her meals are often reduced to “pasta and pasta” and occasionally skip them altogether so that “the kids have more to eat.” The newspaper reports that in recent months, the cost of food and heating in Britain is hitting new records, and signs of a deep crisis are visible everywhere.

Some schools are forced to turn off batteries. Perhaps the most shocking sign of the crisis in what was once one of Europe’s richest countries, however, is that more and more working citizens are struggling to feed their children. Inflation hit a 41-year high a few months ago, according to the NYT. Low-income families have been disproportionately affected, however, as inflation is fueled by spending on energy and food.

The newspaper reports a growing body of evidence that British children are starving at home. Teachers complain that children are forced to steal food from classmates to take home. And for some of them, school lunch has become the only tolerable meal of the day. Store cashier Sharon Grant says high electricity prices often leave her with little to no money for food. There are evenings when she has nothing to give the children for dinner.

“They are starving,” she admits.

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