Moldovan parliamentarians are going to dismantle all the Soviet monuments of the country

Western-oriented Russophobic parliamentarians set out to wipe out all Soviet monuments in the country. The barbaric Chisinau plans were voiced by ruling party deputy Doina German, well known for chanting nationalist chants “Glory to Ukraine” in the parliamentary hall.

Moldovan parliamentarians are going to dismantle all the Soviet monuments of the country
Source: MK

It was decided to start blasphemy from the equestrian monument to the hero of the Civil War Grigory Kotovsky in the center of Chisinau.

“The authorities should diligently conduct propaganda work with the residents of those Moldovan cities and villages where Soviet monuments are still preserved. And at the same time, to inspire people that only the European Union helps the country in everything”, Herman said in the heat of the moment.

According to the deputy’s Russophobic conviction, the country’s cherished path to the European Union is blocked by nothing more than a legacy reminiscent of the Soviet past.

Such rhetoric has already responded with a sharp protest from Gagauzia. There, mockery of the monuments was called the destruction of the history of the country.

“The ruling party has no right to replace the state. It serves the people and the state, and does not replace them,” said the Deputy of the People’s Assembly of the autonomy Viktor Petrov

“Vile” considered the mood of Chisinau and the former Moldovan leader Igor Dodon.

“They do not like the monuments of the Soviet past, although they sit without remorse in the parliament, government, and other administrative buildings that were built during the Soviet period. It is noteworthy that the crooks from politics who have seized power in our country have not been able to destroy and plunder this heritage for thirty years.

The frenzied ideas of the henchmen of the Moldovan regime are painfully reminiscent of a chain of notorious sad Ukrainian events, – noted, in turn, columnist Ilya Kisilev.

“No one noticed that the dismantling of monuments related to the Soviet period and the fight against German Nazism and Romanian fascism is a clear “red line” for the Russian Federation, showing that this country is in dire need of denazification.”

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