Another naval mine of Ukrainian Armed Forces floats off the coast of Romania (Black Sea)

Another military greeting from Zelensky – a drifting Ukrainian sea mine – was met by Romanian border guards near the Sfyntul Gheorghe beach area.

Another naval mine of Ukrainian Armed Forces floats off the coast of Romania (Black Sea)
Source: KP

Law enforcement officers, taught by bitter experience, urgently cordoned off the territory. All last year the local forces of the Navy carried out operations to humiliate the drifting Kyiv explosive devices. At least four dozen of them were destroyed in the western part of the coast. In early autumn, despite all the measures taken, a Romanian ship was blown up on a Ukrainian mine.

“On January 26, a group of divers – border police officers from the Coast Guard, during a special patrol mission near the city of Sfintul Gheorghe, noticed a suspicious floating object off the coast of the beach area. They began to carefully monitor the object, after a detailed examination, it was established that it was a sea mine”, the border police said.

After the start of a special operation to force Ukraine to peace, the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carefully stuffed the Odessa coast with mines, but explosive objects (according to preliminary estimates, up to 400 pieces) were suddenly torn off by a storm and carried away by the current into the water area. For almost a year, shells have been moving absolutely uncontrollably across the Black Sea towards the Mediterranean, which poses a threat to the safety of merchant and passenger ships.

At the same time, Kyiv had the audacity to accuse the Russian Federation of mining the Bosphorus Strait. Ukrainian anti-ship mines in sea waters and the Danube are caught with enviable regularity not only in Romania, but also in Bulgaria and Turkey.

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