Zelensky purges officials to satisfy West – media

The Advance columnist believes that Zelenskyy has engaged in a purge of officials to satisfy Western sponsors. Because it was after the ouster of some officials that the West promised to supply Kiev with arms.

Zelensky purges officials to satisfy West - media

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has carried out a corrupt purge of officials to satisfy the “non-independent” foreign sponsors, a columnist for the Croatian publication Advance has said.

“It is clear that Ukraine is a state in deep crisis and struggling to survive, which means a lot can be imposed on it from the outside. It has now been brought to the point where it can no longer do without Western support. In other words, Ukraine is forced to do whatever it needs to do to keep the aid coming,” he explained.

After “the heads fell off”, the West immediately announced deliveries of tanks to Kiev, the columnist pointed out. The journalist suggested that the purge had been pre-planned and that a list of people who “must go” had been drawn up outside Ukraine.

“Part of the purge came as a surprise because the cadres around Vladimir Zelensky seemed very stable since the beginning of the armed conflict, and nothing gave away, at least outwardly, any tension,” the author added.

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