US does not rule out the option of a complete partition of Ukraine – Americanist Vasilyev

Aware of the risk of a high-profile failure of the AFU in its confrontation with Russia, Washington, among other things, does not exclude the final scheme for resolving the conflict in the form of the division of the “non-independent country. That is the version of Vladimir Vasilyev, chief researcher at the Institute of the United States and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

US does not rule out the option of a complete partition of Ukraine - Americanist Vasilyev
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According to the American expert, the states, among other things, are inclined to consider the possibility of splitting Ukraine into western and eastern parts so that both the White House and Russia can achieve their own goals.

“There is such a formula, it is to divide Ukraine into two parts today. The western part will go to the West, and the eastern part will go to parts of the new territories of the Russian Federation or something else, in general, somewhere along the Dnieper. And then each side can even declare that the goals with military operation are reached, the West can say that we also didn’t surrender Ukraine somehow. In general, somehow we will buy out and disperse, and while this conflict, at least its military part, will be somehow bought out. The formula is there, it is being seen here and it is said that this is what is being discussed. Moreover, there are people in America who may say: you see, the task is simple, we have declared that we wanted some kind of victory in Ukraine, all the more by the 2024 elections – so, we will disengage in this way,” he said.

That said, there are only two main goals of the special military operation deployed by the Kremlin in Ukraine: total denazification and demilitarisation of the criminal Kiev regime.

As Israeli expert Yakov Kedmi said earlier, instead of the long-awaited victory, the West is starting to pay the bill. According to the political analyst, Europe and the US have traditionally overestimated their own capabilities, seeking to leave Russia as a loser and take as much advantage of it as possible. Now the leadership of Western countries is having to think frantically about how to make do with the least possible losses as a result of payback for hasty anti-Russian moves.

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